The Tribe

A membership like no other. A kind & generous community for business women who are ridiculously passionate about what they do, and want to create ripples of positivity in their world.

Sarah Cook Come Network With Me
I love all of it!!! What incredible value for money when it comes to learning, support, togetherness, community, accountability etc etc!
Jules, Women's Wellbeing Blogger

Have you found your tribe?

The Tribe is like a big warm hug that brings together amazing women who are on the same wavelength.

Endless Support

As a member of our vibrant community, you'll never feel alone on your journey. We've got your back through thick and thin, providing a network of supportive friends who are always there to cheer you on.

Laughter Galore

Get ready for a daily dose of laughter! Our community is filled with hilarious, fun-loving individuals who know how to keep spirits high. Expect memes, funny stories, and good-natured banter that will brighten up your day.

Collaboration Central

Join forces with like-minded go-getters who are just as eager to collaborate as you are. From joint projects to brainstorming sessions, our community is a hotbed of creativity where incredible collaborations are born.

The Tribe is a catalyst for exponential growth and unwavering confidence.

Inspiration Overload

Prepare to be inspired beyond your wildest dreams! Our community is bursting with trailblazing women who have achieved remarkable things. Their stories, insights, and contagious passion will ignite your own fire and motivate you to reach for the stars.

Skill Sharpening

Want to level up your skills? Look no further! Our community is brimming with experts who are ready to share their knowledge. From workshops to skill-swapping sessions, you'll have ample opportunities to expand your repertoire.

Empowerment at its Finest

We're all about empowering each other to embrace our strengths and shine. In this community, you'll find the encouragement and confidence boost you need to take bold steps forward and conquer any challenges that come your way.

Celebration Extravaganza

Your achievements won't go unnoticed here! We love throwing virtual parties, where we raise a glass (or a mug of coffee) to celebrate each other's milestones, big or small. Get ready for a constant stream of high-fives and virtual confetti!

Knowledge Wonderland

Our community is a treasure trove of knowledge and wisdom. From industry insights to life hacks, there's always something new to learn. Dive in, ask questions, and soak up the collective wisdom of our amazing members.

Friends for Life

Brace yourself for lifelong friendships! Our community is more than just a gathering of ambitious individuals; it's a place where deep connections are formed. You'll meet incredible women who will become your lifelong friends, supporting each other through thick and thin.

My only regret is that I didn’t join sooner…

– Laura, Web Designer

So, if you're ready to dive into a friendly and vibrant community that offers these incredible benefits and so much more, join us! Together, we'll embark on an exciting journey of growth, laughter, and endless possibilities. Let's make magic happen, one adventure at a time!

 If anyone is considering joining the Tribe… honestly, it’s the very best gift I have given myself recently! I no longer feel like I’m doing this alone all the time! The support and inspiration that I get from Sarah Cook and the TRIBE family is incredible!


Wedding Cake Designer

Before joining I felt quite unenthused about my business – it had lost it’s shine and I’d lost my passion for it. Joining the tribe has injected a new lease of life into me and my business. I now feel way more motivated and in control of the direction my business takes.


B&B Host

I absolutely love being in the Tribe, for the friendship, helpfulness and support of all Tribettes.

To top all of that, the Masterminds are second to none and the choice of two networking sessions, is so beneficial. 


Wedding Stationery Designer

What is included in The Tribe membership?

Step up your visibility game!

Elevate your business profile, shine brightly, and attract your dream clients to the forefront with a free premium listing in the Directory worth £300pa!

Huddle up!

Twice weekly online networking meetups where you can take a break, sip your tea, and immerse yourself in a community of like-minded business women who truly understand your journey.

Bring your big ideas!

Launching a new offer? We've got your back. Let us guide you in identifying your niche, finding the perfect marketing channels, and setting the right price to skyrocket your success.

Tackle your thorny issues

Dealing with a difficult client or facing a challenging problem? Don't sweat it alone. Share your hurdles with the group, and together, we'll crack the code and find solutions that leave you empowered.

Need a motivational boost?

Feeling flat, lethargic, or lacking motivation? Fear not! Our restorative community will lift you up, reignite your passion, and set you back on track to achieve your business goals.

Ongoing support!

Between meetups, our vibrant private FB group awaits you. Here, you can:
✨ Showcase your products and services.
✨ Validate your offers with valuable market research.
✨ Seek advice from our hive mind of experts.
✨ Amplify your social media reach with virtual support for your blogs and posts.
✨ Discover your own wealth of knowledge as you support fellow Tribe members.

Annual Membership

the tribe for women in business


Save £150 per year!

2 Virtual networking meetings every week

Free Premium Directory listing worth £250

Members-only Facebook group

No rules posting policy

Weekly accountability

Promote your business and events

Monthly Membership


Cancel anytime

2 Virtual networking meetings every week

Free Premium Directory listing worth £25 a month

Members-only Facebook group

No rules posting policy

Weekly accountability

Promote your business and events


Meetings are every Wednesday and Friday. You are welcome to attend as many or as few as you want.

Nope, not at all. We have 2 sessions running each week to give you the flexibility to work around your business & life commitments.

We have a relaxed and informal structure because you’re an individual with unique needs. The Tribe is here to work WITH you and to support you whenever you need it.

Our member’s Facebook group is a wonderful community hub where you can get answers to your questions and feedback on your business challenges anytime. So if you miss a networking meet-up or can only fit in one a week, we’re all here in the group to help you stay on track and continue growing your dream business.

There are 2 membership options. You can buy an annual membership up front for £750 saving you £150, or you can pay £75 monthly, and cancel anytime.

If you need to take a break just get in touch with me and we can discuss how I can help you.

No, this is not my thing. I believe everyone should be treated for the individual person they are, not the industry they work in.

Our membership is inclusive and welcoming, not restrictive and full of rules. Members find great benefits as well as increased opportunities and support being in a community with other women in their industry.

It’s everything. All in!

If you decide to attend a Tribe Mastermind, these are charged separately and are SUPER affordable too! You’ll gain MASSES from The Tribe even if you don’t attend a Mastermind.

We’re a warm and welcoming network. We love meeting new people and I promise you’ll be welcomed with open arms.

A little tip to help you settle in…get stuck into the networking and arrange virtual coffees with members to get to know each other better.

You’ll feel at home in no time at all.

Take the next step

Annual Membership


Save £150 per year!

2 Virtual networking meetings every week

Free Premium Directory listing worth £300/y

Members-only Facebook group

No rules posting policy

Weekly accountability

Promote your business and events

Monthly Membership


Cancel anytime

2 Virtual networking meetings every week

Free Premium Directory listing worth £25/m

Members-only Facebook group

No rules posting policy

Weekly accountability

Promote your business and events

Free Tribe Taster

Step into The Tribe, where unstoppable women unite to conquer their entrepreneurial dreams.

Join us for a free taster networking session that will ignite your passion and propel your business forward. In this vibrant community membership, you’ll be surrounded by like-minded, trailblazing women who fearlessly pursue their goals.

Together, we tackle the challenges, celebrate the victories, and navigate the rollercoaster ride of entrepreneurship. We’re not just a community; we’re an unwavering support system, lifting each other up and cheering on every triumph.

Discover your Tribe and let our collective power propel you towards extraordinary success. Don’t miss out on connecting with this incredible sisterhood of kind-hearted and inspiring women. Come and experience firsthand if we are the Tribe you’ve been waiting for.

“It's astonishing how a single conversation can lead to a life-changing breakthrough!

That is precisely what happened to me recently when I attended a Tribe taster hosted by the lovely Sarah Cook.”

Sam, Agency Owner