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Hello, fellow female founders!

By now, you probably know how much I love networking in a compassionate, supportive, and energising way.

I also enjoy sharing my experiences in networking to inspire other women to go out and find their own tribe of amazing cheerleaders and supporters. Whether you connect with my community or another one, finding your supportive network is what matters most.

I’m passionate about discussing a wide range of issues that impact us as women and are meaningful to our journeys.

Here are some of my favourite podcasts where I’ve been interviewed.


Because She Can
with Jenna Dale

If you’re building a purpose-led online business so you can live life on your own terms and find the freedom you crave, then this podcast is for you.

Jenna Dale, a Visibility and Confidence Coach is on a mission to empower women to grow their businesses through the power of visibility, to attract dream clients into your world by becoming the expert and standing strongly in your own power.

Well I F**ked That Up
With Lauren Malone

A light-hearted, slightly sweary look at life as a small business owner and the mistakes we’ve made along the way.

The most powerful middle finger you can give to a mistake is to learn from it and laugh at it.

In this unedited, take it as it is podcast, Lauren chats to different business owners each week to hear their f-up stories.

Nicola Richardson Leadership and Management Mentor

Helping you create high-performing teams by developing your management and leadership skills through training and mentoring. Better Conversations, Better Performance and Team Relationships Time to bite the bullet and create the business and teams you want. 

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