Four Reasons Brand Photography Will Boost Your Business

I’ve been waiting for this day for quite some time!

Like most people I too have those ‘errrmm I’m not ready for a photo shoot… I’m not feeling confident at the moment… maybe next month’. Then I put my go-get-em boots on and bloody went for it! 

It helped enormously that Mireya is exceptionally patient (I couldn’t commit to a date… not all my insecurities but the weather has been well you know… British! And I had dental treatment as some of my teeth had decided to head in a completely different direction to their neighbours! 🤣 So I wanted to wait until that was done).

Well, the weather continued to be sh** but once the snow was gone we made firm plans (oh and I found a gorgeous indoor venue!) then it was all systems go.

Mireya is soooo easy to work with, I love spending time with her. So much so that once we’d finished the shoot I persuaded her to have a celebratory lunch at Coppa Club with me! I didn’t want it to end! 

You can absolutely tell from the photos what an exceptionally talented and experienced photographer Mireya is. It’s really important that you choose someone that can get the results that you’re after. Mireya has taken a zillion photos before and not only that I’ve worked with her on many occasions before so I know I can 100% put my trust in her. If you’re working with a photographer for the first time then I’d highly recommend you get to know them first. Spend time watching their social media and get networking with them. Spend time at events where they are the photographer or chat with other business owners who’ve worked with them. The connection you have with your photographer makes a big difference to the end result.

I’d like to share with you 4 ways a brand photo shoot boosts your business.


Spending a day getting your hair and make-up done and then being photographed in your favourite outfits in your favourite place with a wonderful photographer as your sidekick is certainly one of the best ways to boost your confidence & self esteem. And the knock on effect of this is all the confidence oozes into your work. Your clients benefit and your potential clients notice your confidence. We all want to work with confident people, don’t we!


Kinda obvious but very much under used. Tell your audience you’re planning a shoot, share your location recce, meetings with your photographer, your outfit choices etc. Share reels & stories during your shoot and of course show off your photos after too! It gives you plenty to talk about on social media, we’re always after fresh content after all.

#3 IMAGES (of course!)

The purpose of the shoot in the first place…using the images for your marketing, website, social media profiles, workshops, flyers… the list is endless and one shoot could provide you with enough images to keep you going for literally years! No-one wants to trawl stock image websites for hours on end to still not find what feels right. A brand photo shoot gives you your own unique pool of images on hand for whatever and whenever you need them. Not only does this save you hours of time but instantly you know the photos you choose will be perfect. No compromises. Only beautiful images that reflect you and your business. Surely it’s a no brainer!


Your credibility and profile will raise in an instant. Just take a look at how you perceive businesses with gorgeous brand photography compared to those that have unprofessional/poor quality/outdated/inconsistent images. Sharp on brand photos will show you mean business and your audience will associate you and your business with being professional, credible, reliable, trustworthy & dependable . Boom!

Take a look at some of my photos to see how your business could be boosted! 

I don’t need an excuse to show them off and if you follow me on social media you’ll be seeing a lot more of these! They certainly make an impact and that is exactly what I want my brand to do. Stand out from the crowd, be seen, be noticed.

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