Are You Struggling To Say NO?

How female small business owners say no

Do you believe that saying no is harsh? rude? unkind? unfair? 

Do you feel bad and sad when you’ve said no to someone?

I’m not talking about the cold caller that claims you’ve had an accident in the last 3 years… bla bla bla! We can all quite quickly and easily say no to them and hang up without a second thought. Apart from thoughts of annoyance!

I’m talking about business conversations, that start off like this…

Would you like to jump on a discovery call?

Do you want to join my challenge?

Have you heard about X, I think it would be a really good opportunity for you?

Are you interested in making £10k in the next month?

Can I send you a link/booking page/ registration form….?

These are just a few of the many questions I get sent (often!) and if you’re hesitating to say no to these when you’ve no interest in what’s on offer then be bold, direct but polite and in the first instance respond with a firm and friendly no thanks. I’d recommend not getting into a dialogue in situations where you know up front it’s not for you. Don’t waste your time and theirs. Don’t feel you need to ‘let them down gently’

Now moving onto more tricky territory. You may be interested… although you’re not sure YET and you’re not ready to make a commitment YET and for now, you haven’t made your mind up.

That’s fine. And I think this is a great time to ‘test’ the individual who is offering something to you. When you politely decline their offer, how do they respond? Is that the last you ever hear from them? Do you get the impression they were looking for a quick sale and not interested in a meaningful business relationship? Listen to your gut, that will tell you what you need to know.

Sometimes we’re just not ready. The timing isn’t right. I have people come to me interested in joining my membership and they know that right now it’s not the best time. It might not have anything to do with your offering. Remember humans have busy lives with lots of things going on. I always say to women who are keen to join, the timing has to be right for them. I want them to join when their commitment, energy & enthusiasm is all aligned, then it’s a big ‘Hell YES!’ By the way if you are interested in finding out more about my membership then take a look here or pop me a message on any social media and we can have a chat.

Remember when you say ‘no thanks it’s no for me’ or any other way you choose to decline the offer, you do NOT need to explain why. Please if you start to hear yourself say ‘well i can’t come because…. Or I can’t afford it because…’ You do NOT need to justify your WHY to anyone. A simple No Thank You, is plenty.

So if you’re still feeling as though saying no is leaving a bad taste in your mouth then read on for my 7 reasons why saying no is a positive action to take.

  1. YOU define your own boundaries. This is not an area that you leave to chance.

  2. Avoiding overwhelm & burnout. Remember how important it is to look after yourself and protect your time. It is precious!

  3. Leading on from No2. You’ll have more time for self care! Wahooo! If you’re not on board with self care yet, get with it NOW!

  4. You now have more time available to say YES to the things that REALLY excite you! How does that feel?

  5. Each time you say no to something that isn’t right for you, you raise your self worth and strengthen your connection with your purpose.

  6. Saying no reduces the chances of people taking advantage of you. Do you see how the people who say yes to everything are those people we assume will do anything?

  7. YOUR needs, priorities, passions and wants come first!

Are you ready to say No?

I’m passionate about empowering women to have a voice, have their story heard and follow their dreams in life & business. My mission is to offer innovative, extraordinary & inspiring networking opportunities for female lead businesses.

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