10 top tips for female small business owners on outsourcing

“I can’t afford to pay a VA until I’m earning £X.”

I hear this A LOT! What I believe is this:

If you wait until you earn the magic X before you invest in your business then you’ll most probably grow at a much slower rate. Invest earlier & you increase the chances of your business gaining more momentum and profits sooner.

I’m not just talking about outsourcing your social media to a VA (although this is a popular choice), there are many options when looking at outsourcing that will in the long run save you time and money.

Here’s just a few examples:

  1. Photography

  2. Graphic design

  3. SEO

  4. Content writing

  5. Email management

  6. Web design

  7. Videography

  8. Accounts

With this being just the beginning of a very long list of possible tasks and roles to outsource, you could be asking yourself ‘Where the flippety-jack do I start?’

Luckily I’ve 10 tips to help you. Before I share those with you, my biggest piece of advice is this: Take ONE thing from my list and do it today. Just the one remember!

Ok let’s dive in…

  1. Write a list of the things you dislike doing in your business (for me accounts is right up there at the top!)

  2. Write a list of things that you’ve been meaning to do in your business for the last month but still haven’t touched (ditto for No1)

  3. Write a list of things that need to be done where you don’t have the confidence or skills (yet!) to do (yep, you might have guessed it… accounts!)

  4. Start small. Experiment with a small task or mini project. Low risk, low investment. See it as an opportunity to try out the whole idea of outsourcing before going fully in. Dip a toe in, and decide what you think. Also it’s a smart way to check and confirm that anyone working with you is a good fit and you share similar work ethics and values.

  5. Get personal recommendations from other small businesses you trust. My open facebook group is a brilliant place to ask questions like this in a supportive community of 1800+ female business owners. Join us here.

  6. Remember to outsource tasks that don’t need a personal touch. Divide up the tasks you do in your business into those that really need you and those that don’t.

  7. Network and talk with VA’s and businesses that offer support and services to help you grow your business. Get an idea what kind of help you could ask for. Register to come to a free networking session in our membership The Tribe (book here://sarahcook.eventbrite.com/ ), we can help you with ideas on how to get started with outsourcing.

  8. Think about which parts of your business you do over and over again. Can these be automated? And can you outsource this automation process to make your systems more efficient for you and your clients.

  9. Unsure if you want to commit to a service for a fixed period of time? Ask if you can have a trial, you’ve nothing to lose!

  10. Remember it’s your business. Do it your way and what works for you. Remind yourself why you started your business in the first place and be sure to have this in the forefront of your mind. 

Two quotes to finish off with…

Ryan Khan – Founder of The Hired Group: “Master your strengths, outsource your weaknesses.”

Peter Drucker – Management Consultant, Educator and Author: “Do what you do best and outsource the rest.”

I’m passionate about empowering women to have a voice, have their story heard and follow their dreams in life & business. My mission is to offer innovative, extraordinary & inspiring networking opportunities for female lead businesses.

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