How Female Small Business Owners Build Resilience

Female small business owners anti-hustle 15 step guide to resilience building

“Hustle. Hustle. Hustle. If you don’t push yourself to your limits, you won’t learn & grow. This is how you WIN.”

Let’s just pause now. Take a moment, stop reading. Close your eyes and listen to your own thoughts. Listen to kind supportive positive thoughts. The ones that tell you you’re amazing just as you are.

Here I’m going to share with you MY version on how we as female small business owners can build resilience. And if you’d like to have a listen in to my Clubhouse discussion on building resilience click HERE.

Others will tell you to hustle, work harder, make sacrifices, do WHATEVER it takes to ‘make it big’.

I’m not going to do that. The women in my community The Tribe we work hard, yes, although above all we recognise and appreciate the importance of balance, boundaries and self care. We are building up our resilience and becoming stronger and more courageous WITHOUT  compromising our mental health, our family or our friendships. 

So here is my anti-hustle 15 step guide to resilience building:

1. Relax and take time out. 

Not when you’re so exhausted you’re falling asleep in the middle of the afternoon or getting grumpy with your nearest & dearest, schedule it into your day, every day. How can you build strong resilience reserves if you feel drained & overwhelmed?  

2. Edit how you see life. Turn problems into challenges. Imagine and see the outcome you desire in your mind. If you can see it in your mind , you can create it in your life. 

3. Learn from mistakes. There is always a lesson to take away. Even if the lesson is ‘I’m never doing that again!’

4. Choose your response to the situation. How we react can determine how we feel about ourselves and weaken our resilience pot.

5. Maintain perspective. Most challenges we face won’t matter in a few months or a year’s time. Remember to keep things in perspective.

6. Set goals. I like daily mini goals, weekly goals, monthly goals & quarterly or 90 day goals! Whatever you choose, the most important part is to congratulate yourself when you achieve the goal you set. We can be quick to self criticise, be quicker to self praise.

7. Build your confidence on a daily basis. What do you do that makes you feel incredible? Do it more and often!

8. Get support. When you are in a kind and supportive community that helps you no matter what your challenge, your self esteem, confidence & resilience building will automatically be boosted.

9. Find a mentor or accountability buddy. In our membership The Tribe, I host monthly Masterminds for members to have the opportunity to brainstorm their challenges and have group accountability support. (Get in touch if you’d like to find out more!)

10. Develop strong relationships. We buy from people I know, like & trust. Haven’t we heard this a zillion times? Well it’s true. Work on your relationships and your business will grow from there.

11. Be flexible. We are guaranteed to face challenges in our business. Fact. When we approach the challenge with an optimistic and flexible approach we’ll come out the other side feeling more positive and able to tackle another challenge with more determination & grit.

12. Find your inner strength. Practise digging deep and utilise the many tools available to build your strength & resilience. Try affirmations, meditation, journaling, yoga etc

13. Keep moving. Physically & mentally. Constant momentum can help to nurture a stronger sense of self worth.

14. Stay committed to your passion. Remind yourself as often as you need to why you have the business you do and the impact you’re making on the lives of the people you help.

15. Become an expert problem solver, see the challenge as an exciting opportunity for personal & business growth.

I’m passionate about empowering women to have a voice, have their story heard and follow their dreams in life & business. My mission is to offer innovative, extraordinary & inspiring networking opportunities for female lead businesses.

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