The honest truth is we all face failure. We always have, from the day we were born and growing up, learning to walk and falling down 100’s of times to dating as a teenager and getting the cold shoulder more often than actually getting a date!

The important bit here is not fighting against the failures and channeling all of our energy into preventing them but instead see them as life’s lessons. We can’t eliminate them all together so why not put a positive spin on the experience. There are times when this is extremely challenging. Life IS challenging. Being a small business owner is challenging. As we know the rewards can be equally great.

The famous inventor Thomas Edison, who had 1,000 unsuccessful attempts at inventing the lightbulb, said:

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”

Let’s reframe failures. Use the lessons learned to go forth and do better, be better. I ask you, if you hadn’t faced the failures in your life so far would you be as brave, courageous, determined & proactive as you are today?

The failure can fuel us. Drive us forward to reach a new understanding of how to achieve our goals, plus in doing so it reconnects us to our values and our why. Take each failure as an opportunity to revisit your core beliefs and purpose in life. Has this failure taught you something about yourself and reconfirmed your goals? Or is there some tweaking to be done? Maybe a larger shift needs to take place to ensure you are in congruence with your ‘big thing’?

Let’s look at 10 steps to take to support you to bounce back from failure:

1.Be kind to yourself. Don’t punish yourself for the mistakes that have gone. Forgive yourself, be compassionate, the same way you’d treat a friend.

2. Be mindful of the present day and look to find happiness today, look to the future and all it’s possibilities.

3. Take your time. Don’t compare your journey and timeframe to others.

“Stay in your lane. Comparison kills creativity & joy.” Brene Brown

4. Reflect and learn. Ask ‘What can I do different? How shall I approach life going forwards? What positive lessons can I take from this experience?’

5. Dig deep and ask yourself ‘What’s REALLY important to me? Check in with your values.

6. Seek support, guidance, encouragement, compassion & kindness. Don’t be afraid to reach out.

7. Find positive examples to inspire you.

8. Write a plan of how you want things to be, and work out exactly how you’re going to do it. Step by step.

9. Practise self care and spend time each day doing something you enjoy. Just a mindful cup of tea for 10 minutes can be enough to recharge your batteries.

10. Remember we grow and learn and become better people & better business women from these experiences.

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