Organic Strategies To Grow Your Audience

Growing your audience

Whether you’re a fan of paid advertising or not, there’s no denying the important role of organic growth.

Okay…more marketing jargon! So what are we really talking about here?

In simple terms organic growth is: using your own resources to enable more people to see your business, basically so they know that you exist!

After all there ain’t no business with no customers! As the American author Michael LeBoeuf of ‘How to win customers and keep them for life’ said:

“Every company’s greatest assets are its customers, because without customers there is no company.”

So… how can we effectively talk to not just anyone but our potential customers without it costing us our life savings and our sanity?

Firstly we need to make it very very easy for our customers to find us. I can’t emphasise this enough. Let me give you an example which I guarantee you’ll be familiar with.

Imagine this scenario: You’d like to buy a present for a friend. You don’t have lots of time to browse around the shops (despite your best efforts to always have everyone’s birthday on the calendar and the card and present wrapped ready at least a week before said date, you guessed it, in reality this rarely happens) and so you commit 10 minutes out of your busy day to find the perfect gift online. Yes…. this is foolproof plan: see gift, press buy, pay, delivery next day, hey presto! #PerfectFriend

Then there’s a hiccup. You find a gorgeous gift on social media…. But the ‘buy now’ button is broken or sends you to the wrong item, worse still… There Is NO Buy Now Button!! Whaaaatttt!?

Okay enough of my story. You get the picture, always show people where they can buy and make it easy enough for a 7 year old to figure it out. That should cover everyone.

Once you’ve mastered the habit of plenty of Call To Actions (CTA’s), here are some other suggestions to get more eye balls on your business and more peeps clicking your Buy Now buttons.

  1. Create a super irresistible and hugely valuable lead magnet that you offer your ideal customers in exchange for their email address. This juicy piece of data is like gold dust to a business owner, remember to treat it with respect. Equally important is the next step here: stay in touch with your email subscribers with regular communication that is useful and relevant.

  2. This should really be my No1! Go NETWORKING!! And OFTEN! You know that old saying… ‘it’s not just the people in the room (or the zoom) but it’s the people they know, and the people they know, and the people they know etc etc’ When people have a positive experience they tell other people about it and this word of mouth spreads throughout their networks. The more you network the more this will happen and the more opportunities will be presented to you. Be open minded to what comes your way, you never know what will come of it.

  3. Find aligned businesses to partner with. There are a zillion ways to do this, here are just a handful: guest blog, shared live, joint webinar, podcast interview, speak at their event, engagement pod or co host a Clubhouse room.

What actions and activities are you doing consistently that are driving more customers in your direction? Get in touch and let me know.

I’m passionate about empowering women to have a voice, have their story heard and follow their dreams in life & business. My mission is to offer innovative, extraordinary & inspiring networking opportunities for female lead businesses.

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