4 Proven Ways To Book More Clients

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We all want more clients, right? If you answered no and you have plenty of business now and lined up then congratulations that’s brilliant! But for the majority of us, especially small businesses that work on one-off projects we need to work on ways to find more clients.

I’ve used all these methods with positive results, why not try one a week every day and see what happens? Try, measure, tweak, try again.

1. Social Media! Haha! I had to feature this as my top strategy, of course I’m slightly bias! A lot of people say to me ‘I’m on social media, but it isn’t working, I’m not getting any business.’ But it doesn’t work if you are just ‘on’ social media you have to DO IT! You need to decide what platform(s) are the ones your ideal clients use and then consistently engage with people there ensuring you are clear on your business message and giving away your expertise – be generous with your advice.

2. Networking. I must draw your attention to The Power Of Networking. Honestly I see small businesses gain new clients DAILY from networking. It happens ALL THE TIME.

As I write this we are in Lockdown 3. In person networking is not on the agenda and it hasn’t been for nearly a year! Yep! We sure do miss seeing faces. But… networking online really really does work. If you haven’t try it, I urge you to give it a go. You’ve nothing to lose. And you can come and network with us for free!


3. Referrals. I attended a seminar a few years back and the one biggest take away was this: Referrals are the number one way to get new business. Referrals have a typical conversion rate of 67% compared to cold calling which is only 3%. Surprisingly only 11% of business owners ask for referrals, but 91% are happy to give them. So as the saying goes if you don’t ask you don’t get!

4. Blogging. Not only does regular blogging dramatically improve your SEO opportunities but it also is the best way to demonstrate your skills & expertise. People work with people they like, know & trust and guess what…. Blogging is a brilliant way to build the like, know, trust factor and establish yourself as the go-to expert in your niche.


If you’re looking for a female focused small business networking community that can help you get more clients, then look no further than Come Network With Me!

CNWM has a 1500 strong female network with monthly online networking experiences for women in business in the UK. Our Membership Hub The Tribe has weekly networking get togethers which you’re welcome to try for free! Just get in touch to join us.

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