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In the time it takes you to eat a sandwich, have a nice cup of tea and maybe a digestive (dunked or not, your choice!) you could have made some very significant changes to your LinkedIn profile which will definitely make your profile and ultimately your offer more attractive to your ideal clients and therefore generate increased enquiries and sales.


So I put on the timer and did a dummy run through LinkedIn to see what improvements could be achieved within just 20 minutes.


This is what is potentially feasible and if you’ve already completed some of these steps then congratulations you’ll be spending less than 20 minutes on your profile and still have made useful changes that will give you an advantageous position over your competitors.

  1. Profile photo. Choose a professional well lit headshot. I know this seems really quite obvious but you’d be surprised how people still choose to use holiday snaps or selfies with your girl/boyfriend/pet. If you don’t have a current professional headshot (a little tricky in Covid times I know) then ask a family member to take a photo of you with good lighting and then use to add a bold colour behind to make your profile photo stand out! (also I’d recommend using the same image for all your profile pics on every social platform so you’re easily recognisable, make it easy for people.

  2. Background cover. Don’t leave the default blue dot-to-dot as your background! Choose an image to compliment your profile photo and that correctly represents you as a business professional. Tools like Canva are great for designing social media covers and they have a template for the LinkedIn cover.

  3. Edit your public profile URL. LinkedIn automatically put a collection of numbers and letters after your name in your url, ensure you edit this so it is a unique, tidy & professional. Check your profile URL if you haven’t already & ensure it’s simply your name not a jumbled random list of digits you don’t want. Min is:

  4. Ask for 5 recommendations from the last 5 clients you’ve worked with. And if you’re not connected with them on LinkedIn yet…why not!? Pop them a connection request with a personal note.

  5. Then find 5 people you’d like to recommend and give them a recommendation on their profile. Just click on the three dots under their headline and select ‘recommend’.

I think that probably wraps up a very productive 20 minutes, don’t you think?

If you’ve other suggestions on how to light up your LinkedIn profile in just 20 minutes, I’d love to hear from you. Please do get in touch.

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