10 Tips To Help You Get Started On Clubhouse

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I’m not one for the newest shiniest gadgets and gizmos. And I definitely don’t need ANOTHER social media platform!

Clubhouse appeared in my life. It’s i-phone only. You need an invite.

Hmmm… my initial reaction: very very not keen on the elitist /exclusive /status vibe!

Then unexpectedly I got an invite (from one of my Tribe members) and thought… what have I got to lose? I’m going to give it a go and see what I think… I can always backtrack and leave!

Well 5 days in & I was hooked! 

I’d learnt loads, listening in to lots of really authentic and useful chat rooms and I’ve been on stage (ie I’ve spoken in rooms) six times now! And counting.

Here are a few beginners tips I’d like to share with you…

  1. Please don’t be put off by adding another platform to your to do list. Honestly this one IS different!

  2. It’s audio only. I repeat: Audio Only. Your profile just includes your bio and links to your Twitter & Instagram. There is NO grid, wall, posting schedule, branding format, stories, reels, blogs, video, lives…. you get the picture! You do NOT need to maintain your account with branded content, consistently posting and scheduling 6 months in advance.

  3. Time spent on this platform is time WELL SPENT engaging in conversations & making connections. That said… ensure you set your own boundaries & as with every aspect of our digital life keep it healthy!

  4. When you first join add a thorough bio (you’ve loads of character space so don’t just pop in a few words!) The first 3 lines are the most important as this is what viewers will see only, until they click ‘view full profile’.

  5. Connect your Twitter & Instagram links (ensure these are linked to business accounts) and specify where you’d people to contact you (currently there is no messaging function on Clubhouse).

  6. Make sure your profile photo is professional, it stands out, represents you accurately and is the same image that you for your other social platforms.

  7. Follow people that you align with, you have shared interests & values. Who you follow dictates the content in your hallway (feed) and what you’ll be notified about as those people create & schedule rooms.

  8. Go to the magnifying glass to search for specific topics of interest, you can search people, clubs & keywords.

  9. Your hallway will show you current chats that are happening live, click on one and you are straight in the room (don’t worry you can just be a listener!) Before you enter a room you can see the number of guests in the room. I’ve been in rooms with 5 people and up to 5000!

  10. Be brave and join in the conversation! (it’s called ‘going on stage’) just click on the hand icon bottom right and the admin of the room will know you’d like to speak, they’ll then invite you to speak and you then need to click on the mic button to unmute.

I hope these tips will help you get started and you enjoy this new refreshing experience in a world that is digitally busy and needing real human connection.

Please do come and follow me @sarahcook I’m planning on hosting regular rooms, once I get the hang of it!

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