Tackling Social Media Overwhelm

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What is it, why does it happen and how can we minimise it?

Overwhelm must be the one biggest challenge (I don’t use the word problem!) that I hear people talk about when it comes to social media.

The dictionary definition of overwhelm is:

To overwhelm is to cause someone to feel sudden strong emotion

To be too much to deal with

Completely overcome or overpowered by thought or feeling

Why do we find this to be so common with social media in particular as opposed to other tasks we face as a small business?

Is it because we feel pressured to create exciting engaging content all the time?

Is it because we get stressed by the number of platforms that we believe we need to post on every day?

There are many practical things we can do to help us reduce the overwhelm and feel happier and more in control. 

I’ll be sharing the ones that I feel are most effective and in my experience have worked for myself and my members.

Before we talk practical stuff we need to talk mindset.

When we approach any challenge with the right Positive Mental Attitude we WILL have a beneficial result. If your mindset is in a place of scarcity & negative self talk then the overwhelm can kick in a lot quicker. Working on our mindset as No1 can make a big difference without even reducing the to-do list. Just having the right attitude to approach your business each day is like stepping out across the start line of a marathon with a fully fuelled positive brain, actively seeking and supporting positive results. This in turn drives our motivation and determination to succeed and cross the finish line with a sense of pride & joy.

Here are 4 simple tips to help with your PMA that I practise and once these are in place we can get down to the nitty gritty of effective social media.

  1. Spend time with awesome people! Guess what… they’ll make you believe you are awesome (which you are!) & you’ll start to behave and act more like an awesome human.

  2. Set boundaries and have rules (YOUR rules!) Respect your family time, me-time and generally time away from your business. This can be hard when we can literally see the to-do list growing before our very eyes… but a tired worn out business owner becomes a frustrated ineffective unhappy business owner.

  3. Consume positivity! Books, podcasts, films, tv, radio. Give yourself regular injections of goodness to fill up your positive bucket. Schedule 20 minutes a day for an inspiring podcast or a money mindset chapter.

  4. Take a break. Step away from your pc and phone and do something else! Do something fun, active or restful. But just do it without any devices.

Ok so now onto social media itself.

Firstly reduce overwhelm by allowing less data to enter your brain and so no muddling overload feeling. Be disciplined and focused. Approach your social media with intention and purpose. Always come back to your BIG one goal with your business. Why did you start your business in the first place? Put a reminder post-it note somewhere you can’t miss it, to give you that boost you need to trigger your passion when you’re not feeling it.

To help you be even more specific with what your purpose is, design a checklist. You could have one per platform and make them really specific. Use a timer to limit the amount of time you spend online and tick off your checklist activities one at a time. Once done. Timer pings! STOP! Job done…. Go and do something else.

In summary, the 4 steps are:

  1. Discipline

  2. Purpose

  3. Checklists

  4. Use a timer

These are a few ideas you might like to use for example on a Insta Checklist. Remember you don’t need to do them all! Pick and mix a strategy that works for you. Also this list will be a lot quicker to action than you think, and it’ll get quicker each time too.

  • Check notifications.

  • Check messages.

  • Follow back new followers (if they’re right for you) and like three of their posts & comment on 2.

  • Follow 10 new people & as above engage on their posts.

  • Check the # you’re following & interact on 2 posts that are getting a good convo going.

  • Post on your grid.

  • Post on your story.

  • Post on IGTV.

  • Check your # bank, does it need refreshing or updating?

  • Share others stories.

  • Interact on others stories.

Now talking of Instagram… have you thought what it would be like if this were your ONLY platform? You certainly don’t need to be on every platform and I’ve worked with many small business owners who as a result of our strategy sessions together close social media accounts. Less is definitely more and taking this type of action can really make a big positive difference to cutting down on the overwhelm. Have you considered doing this? Do you have accounts that are fairly redundant or you really don’t enjoy using? Have a think about it, it could be a very very wise decision!

Being organised and having a plan sounds obvious to limiting overwhelm. But I think we start with good intentions and a super shiny all singing all dancing planner or scheduler to get our social media looking slick. Although hands up if you’ve stuck with that? Yes…. thought so. The plan doesn’t need to have wings or glitter it just needs to be quick and easy. Go simple. But do plan. Take time to think about what you want to write about this week or this month. Have a theme for the month and delve deep into that theme instead of jumping about from topic to topic. Planning and scheduling social media helps you to be more efficient. Block out time when you know you can let your imagination flow and you’ll create better content that resonates with your target audience. 

Good luck tackling the overwhelm and remember every step in the right direction is a step towards an overwhelm-free social media experience!

*If you’re a female small business owner and you’d like to cut down the overwhelm in your business, then please get in touch & I’d love to h
elp you. 

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