More than a blog: 16 Ways to Repurpose Your Content by Amy Morse

I’m delighted to share this guest blog with you from the very talented and wonderful Amy Morse.

Author and entrepreneur, Amy Morse, has a background in skills training, business support and writing. She now works with small businesses to help them tell the story of their business well in their own words. She offers workshops, 1:1 support, proof reading services and eBooks to help businesses write their way to success.

Amy writes fiction as, Amy C Fitzjohn and her thriller fiction novels are available on Amazon.


For a small business, having a blog on your website is a great way to show your expertise in your field, build your authority as a business and boost your ranking on Google searches. It’s also social media gold dust – if you write a blog, you’ll never run out of informative content to share!

As you get into the swing of blogging regularly, you will naturally build up a library of content. This knowledge has value and can therefore add value to the portfolio of your business.

Every time you write a piece of content you’re creating something new, something with the potential to use over and over again.

I recently told a client I was lazy. He gave me a crooked look and said; “Way to sell yourself, Amy?”

…I’m lazy because: I like to have simple systems and processes in place so I can get stuff done, quickly and effectively, leaving room in my day to do what I enjoy. There’s no sense in constantly reinventing the wheel. I want to do something once then re-use, re-purpose and recycle it (without being repetitive).

When you create a new piece of content, look for opportunities to use that knowledge in different ways. Here are 16 ways to make the most out of that piece of content:

It’s not just a blog post, it can also be…

1.       Workshop handouts

2.       The basis of a face to face workshop

3.       A flow chart

4.       Built into an online course

5.       Visually represented as an infographic

6.       Recorded as a podcast

7.       Presented in video form

8.       Turned into a cartoon

9.       A printable

10.    Made into a quiz

11.    Gamified (turn into a game)

12.    Revisited and referenced into an updated post

13.    Used as a checklist

14.    Presentation slides to deliver as a talk

15.    Crib sheet / handout for a 1:1 discussion

16.    Expanded on to form the basis of an eBook

What innovative ways have you repurposed your content? 

If you want to be better at blogging for your businesses, I’m in the process of writing ‘Blogging for Business’ – the book will be available in August, please get in touch if you’d like a pre-order review copy or would like to be notified when it’s released.


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