Why we need to acknowledge our achievements more!

Well it was a big enough reason to get lots of amazing women together for one night and basically just have fun! Relax, chill, be ourselves, let our hair down. Yes I’m talking about my recent party to celebrate my first 12 months of SHC Social Media!

It made me wonder…. do we acknowledge our achievements ENOUGH? And more importantly are YOU?

Maybe it’s because of my love of events or socialising or just bringing people together or all three but I’d visualised the occasion well over 6 months ago. By doing so not only did I already know what I wanted it to look like and how I wanted it to feel (for me and my guests) but also it meant that it WOULD happen! This little business of mine would survive the first year and not only survive it but do bloody well at it too!

Therefore there was no failing, no ‘it didn’t work’, as I had a party to go to! So if we set ourselves rewards and treats at specific dates or to mark certain occasions then we are literally making ourselves more successful, we’ve just programmed ourselves to reach that milestone, driven by the reward. Well we all like treats, we’re human after all. It’s just as simple as giving a toddler a chocolate bar when they’ve behaved nicely with their friends and not bitten anyone! (Oh don’t you bribe your children? or do they never bite anyone? LOL mine did!)

My point is, it is essential to acknowledge our achievements to ourselves and to the world. What have you achieved recently that you’re proud of? And what do you have your sights set on for the future? What about this week? This month? The next 6 months? Ensure it is specific and measurable and make a note in your diary of how you will celebrate, what exactly will you do to treat yourself? Remember this is your opportunity to shine and give yourself a well deserved big ol’ pat on the back!

Thank you to Nicky at Nicola Jane Photography for the beautiful photos.


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