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Enlightening, Motivating, Inspiring, Supportive..... - Come Network With Me

Enlightening, Motivating, Inspiring, Supportive…..

Need I go on? OK I will! Warm, Gorgeous, Fun, Stylish & more!!!

I asked my ‘Come Network With Me’ guests to describe the event in one word. One word that for them summed it up, how it made them feel. And this is what they said. Isn’t this great? 🙂

Well I’m rather chuffed because most of us have probably at some time in our lives had a not so nice experience with networking. Uncomfortable, awkward, anxious, out of place, bored, waste of time, uninteresting, irrelevant….. any of these sound familiar?

The important bit here to remember is when you find whats right for you then stick with it and keep doing it. ‘Not really my cup of tea’ rings true here – there are zillions of different types of tea & equally as many different types of networking events. So find your perfect tea match and hey presto you’re onto a winner!

If you’re wondering if CNWM if your cup of tea? Well try it and find out! What have you got to lose? I can GUARANTEE you’ll meet an incredibly lovely bunch of women who run their own businesses, often starting off from scratch. They’ve made mistakes, they’ve learnt a lot, they’ve gained enormous amounts of experience, they’ve won new clients & new business.

Most of all they are strong positive inspiring women. Just my ‘cup of tea’.


Take a look HERE for all upcoming CNWM events. See you soon for a refreshing style of networking!

Photography: Visuable

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