It’s amazing what a bit of courage can do! (An account of my workshop journey)

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I think I must have been having a particularly amazing day, you know one of those where you think ‘life is incredible, I can do anything YEAH!’? Well in that moment of euphoria I decided it would be a fantastic idea to do my own one day social media workshop…. by myself!

You’ll find out at the end of this blog if that was one of my best or one my worst business decisions!

Having a background in events and finding unique and inspiring venues that others wouldn’t have considered, I went about my mission of finding such a venue. And lucky me… I was fortunate enough to meet Kate of Heartfelt Vintage at a women’s networking group and we just gelled straight away and I knew I would enjoy working with this bubbly friendly lady who by the way has fabulous style (to match her gorgeous boutique/tea room of course!)

So that was my venue ticked off the list. With date, time and other important details like the menu sorted. Talking of the menu… the food is delicious! Homemade with love by Will, Kate’s hubby. I must make a special mention here to the amazing scones!! They are huge, homemade and scrumptious! All gobbled down with homemade clotted cream & strawberry jam Since tasting these I have literally raved about them to everyone I know and booked a table to enjoy them again (with more afternoon tea treats too) with a good friend of mine.

Sorry I realise I’ve gone off on a tangent a bit (scone distraction!). So once I’d sold my workshop tickets it suddenly dawned on me that this was real & it really was going to happen. This meant two things:

  1. I hadn’t even started writing the content yet and time was going fast! Argghhhh!

  2. I’m going to have to listen to my own voice for 7 hours no stop! OMG Noooooo!!

I turned to my partner and said PLEASE PLEASE remind me once this is over to NOT do it again!

Panic snuck in and I knew I was going to have to manage my workshop only one way: MY WAY!

This meant a ‘non-workshopy-type-of-workshop’. No whiteboard or projector, no formal ‘do this…do that’ format and definitely not 7 hours of me talking non stop!

So I set about constructing a thorough workshop workbook (thanks for the term Helene Jewell) full of lots of really useful tips, ideas & practical exercises for my workshopees to enjoy and learn from.

Another important criteria was to have a small group (6) where everyone would have the best opportunity to gain the most from the day.

And you know what? It worked!

Apart from designing and compiling and editing my workbook day and night for days on end and right up to the very last minute before my printers gave me a final deadline. Yes apart from that, I did it! And from what my guests told me I did it pretty well too!

And now…. with lots of learning under my belt on how-to and how-not-to do workshops… I can’t wait to do another one!

It just shows you need a bit of courage to jump in at the deep end, then you might feel as though you’re drowning but you swim harder, you survive, you get out and climb back up to that high diving board and…. jump back in!



Here are some comments from my workshop guests:

Laura Jane Dernie5 star I attended one of Sarah’s amazing Social Media courses. Not only was it set in a beautiful location it was done in such a way that she enthused us all. Sarah you are bloody brill x

Lesley Waldron5 star I attended one of Sarah’s workshops on Social Media, and it was fantastic. I feel like I can put together a social media action plan with more confidence that it will reach and interest my audience. I loved the interaction with other small businesses too – there was so much crammed into one day. The venue was also inspiring – not a flipchart or office chair or soggy sandwich in sight. we were surrounded by beautiful things and fed home cooked, delicious food. What a great day. I’d recommend to any small business feeling overwhelmed by social media and wanting some more focus.

Helena Sime Today I had the fortune of spending the day with this almighty woman Sarah Cook of SHC Social Media. She is the WARRIOR PRINCESS of the social media world!!! I’m indebted. Thank you Sarah! I seriously recommend her to you all!

“I have been lucky enough to receive 121 support from Sarah and to also attend a Social Media Training event she ran. Both were brilliant. I felt in incredibly experienced hands. Sarah is passionate about what she does and this comes across and is infectious. Sarah has motivated me to push my Social media activities to the next level for my small business. I’m very grateful to her- thank you.” Misty Tunks of Makey Mamas


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